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About us

Our story

What parent hasn't asked themselves, "Am I doing this right?" As parents ourselves, we felt the growing pressure in our society to be perfect parents who raise perfect children. On top of that, we struggled to find our own path in the onslaught of opinions and advice out there, whether it comes from a well-meaning relative, an out-of-touch influencer, or the vast amount of conflicting advice you find online and in parenting books. Who can we trust? How do I know what’s right for my unique situation?

Luckily, in our own lives, we had the benefit of knowing and partnering with professionals in child development. This is a passionate community that has dedicated their lives to helping and supporting families yet very few parents get the chance to work with them. We built Weldon to change that. With our amazing providers, we are helping parents build confidence in their parenting choices, learn evidence-based parenting strategies, and gain a deeper understanding of their child.

We’re working towards a big vision: that one day every parent will have access to support and personalized guidance from experts, whenever they need it. There’s no such thing as perfect parenting, but confident, loving parenting can change everything.

Weldon: what’s in a name?

Weldon is the name of the street that Mr. Rogers grew up on. We remember Mr. Rogers fondly as a moral compass, a voice of reason, and as someone who cared deeply about children and the well being of society.

Who is behind Weldon?

We're a small distributed team dedicated to helping parents with the most profound and rewarding of all human pursuits, raising great children.


Mark Burrell


Co-founder Mark, dad of two, is our CEO. In his previous life he co-founded Tongal, the leading platform where brands find creative talent.


Robbert Bos


Co-founder Robbert, dad of two, is our product guy. He previously co-founded and created leading fintech app BUX and successfully scaled it to millions of users across Europe.


Lynn Burrell


Co-founder Lynn, mom of one, is our care specialist. She has vast experience as school psychologist and manages the Weldon Academy,


Jaap Frölich


Jaap, dad of two, is our technical co-founder. He has a passion for creating great mobile and web user experiences. He previously co-founded Cogo.ai.


Katie Nulty


Katie, a new mom, leads marketing and operations. She has deep experience building, launching, and growing category-leading brands at top agencies.